The Band




                                              An Introduction To Members Of The Band

Asa  Dick Powers (guitar, vocals, spoons) comes from a long family tradition of musicians. A great uncle played in a mandolin orchestra, his grandmother played the washboard in a traditional music group, and his father was a choral singer and lover of jazz. Dick has played in the Flatlanders String Band and the Alfred Packer Memorial Stringband, as well as  several "street bands" including a jug band. For fifteen years Dick co-hosted The Flint Hills Special, which is a traditional and contemporary folk/bluegrass/oldtime music program heard on KANU, Kansas Public Radio. Dick joined the Euphoria Stringband in 1990. He teaches second grade in Eudora.




Wili  Pete Gilbreath (banjo, harmonica, vocals) comes from a short family tradition of music.  He  grew up listening to his mother sing folk songs in the car, and her playing bass fiddle with a local Kansas City bluegrass band called Plain Crazy. Pete decided to play music when he read that playing a musical instrument was a great way to pick up chicks. When he figured out that it didn't work with the accordian he took up banjo. His musical influences include Uncle Dave Macon, Pete Seeger, Jimmie Rodgers and Doc Watson. He started playing with the Alfred Packer Memorial Band in the late 1980's and won the Grandpa Jones frailing banjo contest in 1987. On handing him the trophy, Grandpa Jones said, "You sure play some hard ones." Pete took a musical interlude shortly after that to raise a family. He joined the Euphoria Stringband in 2006 shortly after he regained his sanity and needed to find a new chick. He lives in Overland Park with his four kids and works full time as a software architect.


Gid  Pat Dickey (fiddle, mandolin, banjo-ukulele, vocals) joined Euphoria in 2007 when no other band member wanted to be the oldest. The interview went something like, "Say, old man, can you play the fiddle?" Pat's reply was, "Well, I can play a little." Bingo. Not coming from a musical family, Pat celebrated becoming 30 years old by learning to play a "family" of  acoustic instruments: bass and guitar with the bluegrass band Peggy and the Emerald City Boys, bass with the Scrapwood Stringband, mandolin with the old-time band Ragged But Right, and fiddle with old-time bands Altamont and Peghead. Pat is retired now and wanders to music festivals around the midwest and southern Appalachian region in search of "the next fiddle tune". He and his wife Jane live in Topeka.




Betty Richelle Basgall (fiddle, bodhran, mandolin, vocals) joined Euphoria in 2012. Richelle's family is musical and she played as many instruments as she could. Her favorite is the violin (affectionately referred to as the "fiddle"). She plays her Grandfather Joe's violin with the band. Richelle began classical training in 3rd grade with her teacher who just happened to live across the street. Does anything "just happen"? I mean, really!! She began picking up fiddling skills in Hays, KS and built her tune list at "Boot Hill" in Dodge City, KS, where she grew up. Her violin went with her to the University of Kansas where she performed with the KU Orchestra. She has played in various bands including a stint at the Renaissance Festival with the folk band Maid in the Myddle, the Irish bar band Shenanigans, and a cowboy band called The Blackbury Band. Currently she is a member of the Overland Park Community Orchestra, and the Independence, MO Fire Department. Richelle, also known as Captain Basgall, made Independence, MO history as the first female firefighter promoted to Captain after rising through the department's ranks.