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                Cryin' My Blues Away

                Dennis Murphy Polka - John Ryan Polka

                Lay Down, Little Doggies (Written by June Drucker)

                The Fox


Back Again

 Back Again!   (2010)    

Jack Of Diamonds | Earth To Heaven | We've Got Franklin D. Roosevelt Back Again | Bummer's Reel - Miller's Reel | It's Chitling Cooking Time In Cheatum County | Rock About My Saro Jane | Hold The Woodpile Down | Goodbye Booze | The Bible's True | Down Where The Watermelon Grows | You Stole My Heart You Pig | Great Big Taters In Sandyland | Goodbye Miss Liza | Old Dan Tucker | The Great Titanic |     Wish I Had Stayed In The Wagonyard | Home With The Girls In The Morning - Forked Deer | God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign | John Stinson's #2


Way Out WestWay Out West In Kansas (1999)

Way Out West In Kansas | San Antonio | Gold Plated Banjo | Rock The Cradle, Joe | Raleigh And Spencer | The John Deere Song | Gooseberry Pie | Cotton I'd Joe, Too | This Old House | High On A Mountain | Don't She Rock 'Em, Day-O | Long Gone | Riley The Furniture Man - Money Creek | Fall On My Knees | Build Me A Cabin In The Corner Of Gloryland | Two More Miles To Two Foot Falls




Livin' In The Free State

Livin' In The Free State (1993)

Livin' In The Free State - John Brown's Dream | Angelina Baker | Waldorf Reel - Nail That Catfish To The Tree | Gwine Back To Dixie - When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland | Gray Cat On A Tennessee Farm | Quantrill | If It Ain't One Thing It's Another | Booth Shot Lincoln | Oh My Little Darlin' | Walkin' In My Sleep | Say Darlin' Say | Gold Rush | Jenny | Wild Hog In The Woods | Amelia Earhart | Icehouse Reel



    To order a CD please send an email request to email logoEuphoria Stringband, or call Dick Powers at 785-331-5446. Each CD is $12, or a set of all three CDs is $25 (shipping included).

   You can also buy two of the CDs at CD Baby (click on title):      "Back Again!"      "Livin' In The Free State"


             Videos on You Tube - Click On Title To View


Crying My Blues Away"Crying My Blues Away"

An old timey blues tune as it might have sounded on the radio in the 1920s.



Goodbye Booze"Goodbye Booze"

A band favorite song about trying to say goodbye to an old temptation.



Redwing "Redwing and Hangman's Reel"

Betty leads the way on these traditional tunes.



Video"If It Ain't One Thing It's Another"

Asa sings a song he wrote about a particularly bad day.



Video"Chitling Cooking Time In Cheatum County"

Wili describes some tasty cooking "that ain't wrote down in books".



Video"Deacon From Tennessee"

Gid leads this song about a deacon who has everyone talking.



Video"Hard Traveling"

Wili has a tune for us about a hard road traveled.



Video"Possum Up A Gum Stump - Shoes And Stockings"

Playing at the Monday Club, in Webster Groves, MO. This is a great dance hall and a band favorite.



Video"John Stinson's #2"

After all these years, still a band favorite.



You Tube image"The Bible's True"

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Or, maybe not.